How do I get a Vietnam visa for 2022?

How do I get a Vietnam visa?  Here is where you should begin the online application process for your Vietnam visa. Guide to getting Vietnam evisa online. You will need to upload photos in order to apply for a visa online for Vietnam. Vietnam e-visa application form. A sample of an electronic visa for Vietnam.

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Vietnam Evisa for 80 countries – Apply – Cost & Extension in 2022

What is Evisa for Vietnam?

Vietnam evisa or Vietnam electronic visa (symbolized as EV) has been introduced by the Vietnam Immigration Department since February 2, 2017. This kind of Vietnamese visa is applied for and issued online.

An e-visa for Vietnam is valid for 30 days only with a single entry only.

After 2 years of suspension due to Covid-19, Vietnam evisa has been resumed since March 15, 2022, and follows the same regulations as before Covid-19.

What exactly is an Evisa in regard to Vietnam?
Since February 2, 2017, the Vietnam Immigration Department has begun to accept applications for the Vietnam evisa, also known as the Vietnam electronic visa (abbreviated as EV). The application for and issuance of this category of Vietnamese visa can be done online.

An electronic visa for Vietnam is only good for one entry and is valid for a period of 30 days.


The Vietnam evisa program was put on hold for two years as a result of Covid-19, but it was restarted on March 15, 2022, and it continues to adhere to the same regulations as it did before Covid-19.

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