How to avoid getting sick in Vietnam while eating & traveling

The way to steer clear of getting in poor health in Vietnam

Some of the quickest techniques to spoil a holiday is by means of falling in poor health!  As a traveller in a brand new nation, it may be tough to grasp what to consume, what to drink, and tips on how to move about your actions whilst staying as wholesome as conceivable.  Listed here are some nice recommendations on tips on how to keep wholesome right through your time in Vietnam.

Right here’s The way to Keep away from Getting Ill in Vietnam:

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  1. Food Safety (Tips for eating street food, going on food tours)
  2. Drinking water and Tap Water
  3. Air Pollution
  4. Sun and Heat
  5. Insects and stray animals
  6. Where to get medical care


Pho (Red meat noodle soup).

Meals-borne sickness may be a significant fear for vacationers. To steer clear of meals poisoning, test the meal you’re consuming is sizzling and fully cooked! Food restrictions  are easily satisfied.

Tips for eating in Vietnam safely

  • Soup-like dishes are ubiquitous in Vietnamese cuisine so there are many opportunities to contract some sort of illness.  Make sure that the bowl of Pho that you order is piping hot!
  • Clean your cutlery. The air quality in Saigon is pretty bad, and dust settles on objects quickly because of it. You don’t need to give a deep cleaning to every chopstick or spoon you use for your meal, but its a good idea to give each of them a quick wipe with a napkin from the table in order to get rid of any dust on it.
  • Eat only cooked foods and steer away from raw meats.  Although many sushi restaurants will prepare the fish properly, it is not worth the risk if you are only here for a short time. You can try them in countries with a higher standard of hygiene in Asia such as Japan, Korean, etc
  • Even eating salads and raw vegetables are not the best idea.  Adding raw herbs to your hot pho is usually fine but again, you will have to use your judgment.  Note that restaurants will flash boil the raw vegetables and herbs for you at your request.
  • Be cautious of fruit – eat fruits that have an inedible skin (i.e. bananas, oranges, watermelon, etc.) and avoid fruits like apples and grapes.
Vietnamese fruits
Fruits in Vietnam

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Boulevard Meals Distributors

A large number of vacationers ask about side road meals in Vietnam.  Is it suitable for eating?  The solution is sure, however provided that you utilize warning and commonplace sense to suss out protected side road meals distributors. Right here are some things to believe prior to you make a decision to consume at a side road meals stall.

  • You’ll be able to additionally follow the hygiene on the side road stall you’re taking into account.  In lots of circumstances, you’ll see your plate being made and if it’s less than your requirements, it’s not well worth the chance.
  • Be observant of the vessels they use.  Should you see them wash the bowls or plates in faucet water and they’re nonetheless rainy when placing your meals in it, possibly this isn’t the road stall for you.  For this very reason why, “banh mi” (Vietnamese sandwich) is one the most secure side road stall meals you’ll consume as a result of there are not any vessels or utensils concerned!
A Banh Mi vendor
A Banh Mi dealer.

Street Food Tours

An easy way to eat safely while having a genuine urban Vietnamese culinary experience is a street food tour. Tours like The XO Foodie Tour are run by street-smart locals who know every trick in the book when it comes to Vietnam food safety. The tour takes you to street food stalls and open-air restaurants where the food quality and safety procedures have been thoroughly scrutinized and held to high standards. It’s a bit more expensive than a self-guided street food adventure, but you don’t need to worry about locating good street food or practicing safety precautions — that’s being done for you!

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Is the water and ice in Vietnam protected to drink?

Bottled water in Vietnam
Bottled water in Vietnam.

As a traveler, water protection is an overly severe factor.  Like many different international locations, Vietnam has an underdeveloped water remedy infrastructure in position.  Infected water is a significant supply of sickness so it’s essential to know what you’re coming into.

  • In Vietnam, steer clear of faucet water up to conceivable and best drink bottled water.  Normally, even locals will steer clear of faucet water and can drink boiled or filtered water at house.  Bottled water is nearly all the time to be had on the market at any native eating places, inns and comfort shops. Some manufacturers which might be common and protected come with Aquafina, Lavie, Vinh Hao, and Dasani.
  • For a refreshing choice to water, take a look at Vietnamese iced tea (“tra da”, pronounced “cha da”), which is chilly inexperienced tea with ice.  Since this is a tea, it’s been steeped in boiling water after which cooled, thereby killing any critters that can make you in poor health.  Maximum locals will drink ‘tra da’ at eating places over water just because it’s protected, extra refreshing than lukewarm water, and less expensive than the rest bottled!
vietnamese iced tea (tra da)
Iced tea. Referred to as Trà Đá in Vietnamese.
  • As for the ice, use your judgment.  Sure, ice outdoor will not be protected as a result of it should were made with infected water.  Then again, many eating places purchase ice from firms somewhat than manufacture it themselves, wherein case it’s reasonably protected. Many of us, each locals, and foreigners, are ready to experience beverages with ice in them with out result.

Brushing Your Enamel With Faucet Water in Vietnam

drinking water in Vietnam
Brushing your tooth with faucet water is best suggested for long-term remains in Vietnam

As trivial as it should sound, many of us get excited about tips on how to brush their tooth and if faucet water is protected for brushing.  As we mentioned previous, faucet water is also infected so it’s not protected to ingest.  Listed here are recommendations on how you’ll get out this on a regular basis activity and nonetheless keep protected.

  • For prolonged remains, brushing your tooth with faucet water is alleged to be an effective way to get used to the native bacterial fauna.  Many vacationers brush their tooth with faucet water effectively with out getting in poor health.  Once more, that is best value it if you’re going to keep in Vietnam for an extended time frame.
  • If you’re in Vietnam for a short while, it’s not value getting in poor health so we might suggest the usage of bottled water to sweep or no water in any respect to sweep your tooth. If you’re undecided tips on how to say it: nước (is water in Vietnamese)
  • You might also wish to test on the entrance table of the place you’re staying as a result of lots of the upper finish inns have an inner filtration machine.  Remember that the function of this filtration isn’t to make the faucet water protected for ingesting however marginally higher in order that small duties like brushing your tooth are hassle-free.

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Air Air pollution

Ho Chi Minh Town isn’t overly polluted however you’ll nonetheless really feel the adaptation in air high quality when in comparison to different towns around the globe.  Coverage towards air air pollution is a should when your frame merely isn’t conversant in it.

  • If you’re spending a large number of time on a motorcycle, it’s possible you’ll wish to don a masks to give protection to towards mud and air pollution.  This comes in handy if you will spend a number of hours on a motorcycle frequently corresponding to lengthy rides around the nation. Be sure to download a excellent N94 filtered masks as a substitute of one of the vital reasonable ones bought at the facet of the street. For shorter motorcycle rides like on any of the excursions introduced by means of XO Excursions, you’re going to be simply advantageous with out one.
  • Air pollution and dirt too can have an effect on your eyes so without a doubt put on shades or goggles on those lengthy rides as a result of your eyes can begin to burn.

Should you attempt to steer clear of air air pollution, you’ll all the time escape for a day trip to the nature of Can Gio Mangrove – UNESCO Biosphere Reserves for some green and peaceful environment. Another option is to getting away to these beautiful beaches around Vietnam

motorbike riders wearing masks
Many motorbike riders in Vietnam wear masks to protect against dust and pollution.

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Solar and Warmth

With a lot of Asia being in a tropical local weather, it is very important believe solar coverage in Vietnam.

  • The solar rays are very potent so please offer protection to your self with using a hat and robust sunscreen with excellent UV coverage. Even though sunscreen is to be had in Vietnam, it’s not as popular as you may suppose and the standard of the sunscreen this is to be had may be very questionable. Absolute best to carry some with you.
Vietnamese motorbike drivers shielded from the sun
Vietnamese women duvet their frame to steer clear of daylight.
  • Surprising and excessive adjustments of temperature can briefly weaken your immune machine. Stay this in thoughts when coming into or leaving air conditioned structures, and so on.
  • Keep hydrated! Heatstroke is an overly actual threat for vacationers now not conversant in a tropical local weather. More often than not of thumb, take a swig or 3 out of your water bottle each and every ten mins. Fortuitously, that’s now not onerous in Vietnam, since nearly each and every eating place or comfort retailer in the street sells water bottles for extraordinarily low costs.
  • Stay your sodium ranges up. The humidity in Vietnam manner maximum vacationers might be sweating profusely, and it is very important stay your frame stocked with salt in addition to water to sweat in a wholesome method. There are many Vietnamese soup dishes that can lend a hand with this.

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Stray Animals and Bugs

Stray animals in Vietnam
Stray animals are regularly came upon and about at the streets, however it’s best not to puppy them or come into touch with them.

One characteristic about Vietnam it’s possible you’ll to find other than different international locations is the choice of stray animals.  As you commute round, you’ll see canine, cats, chickens and extra.  A shockingly vital level for you to pay attention to is that Vietnam isn’t a rabies-free nation.  But even so rabies, there are lots of illnesses transmitted thru animals. It’s crucial that you don’t contact or puppy any of the stray animals, regardless of how lovely they’re!

protection from mosquitoes in Vietnam
In rural Vietnam, DEET is a should.

As for insect-transmitted illnesses, malaria and dengue fever are the 2 you must teach your self about. In Vietnam, the superiority of malaria is contained in rural spaces however dengue fever is extra commonplace all through the rustic.  Each are transmitted by means of mosquitoes so an insect spray that comprises DEET is a should!

Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in nonetheless water, spaces with ponds, canals, swimming pools or fountains,  that don’t seem to be in use are more likely to have a large number of insects. It must move with out pronouncing that also water isn’t appropriate for ingesting or bathing, but it surely’s additionally a good suggestion to keep away from spaces that experience a large number of doable mosquito breeding grounds.

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The place to get hospital treatment in case you get in poor health

You must be advantageous in case you practice the recommendation above, however there are a couple of extra precautions you’ll take simply in case.

Here are a few foreigner-friendly clinics/hospitals in Vietnam you should go to if you experience anything more than a stomach ache, diarrhea, or a sore throat.

Hanoi Hanoi French Hospital, International SOS, VINMEC International
Danang/Hoi An Hoan My Da Nang Hospital, Family Hospital Da Nang
Saigon FV Hospital, International SOS, Hanh Phuc Hospital

It’s also a good idea to keep the number of your country’s embassy in the city on hand in case of emergencies.


We hope you found the advice provided in this article useful! Most travelers to Vietnam never get sick so the advice we offer is meant to be precautionary and not scaremongering. Please also keep in mind that if there is a big difference in the time zone or change in temperature from where you’re from, your body may need time to adapt. We would recommend taking extra precautions at the start of your trip, in terms of the risk you take with food and also with the environment.

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